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Delivering Success, Seamlessly: Dry Bulk Shipping at Its Best!

Ranchan Maritime Sdn Bhd has extensive experienced in the handling and transportation of cementitious materials via self-discharging cement carriers including a variety of other dry bulk materials transported by conventional dry bulk carriers. We provide technical support and logistics solutions with respect to handling and carriage of a wide range of dry bulk materials such as cement, clinker, gypsum, ground slag, fly ash, coal, alumina etc. and are a preferred partner to major cement and power industry clients.
We provide the following services:

Freighting Services

Our freighting services offer a streamlined approach to transporting your cargo. With a focus on cost-effectiveness and reliability, we handle every facet of the freighting process, guaranteeing your cargo’s secure journey.

Logistics Services

Navigate the intricacies of global logistics effortlessly. Our end-to-end logistics solutions encompass planning, execution, and coordination, ensuring your cargo’s timely arrival at its destination, no matter the distance.

Ship-To-Ship Transfer

Experience the pinnacle of efficiency with our ship-to-ship transfer services. Seamlessly transfer cargo between vessels at sea, guided by our experts who prioritize safety, precision, and speed.